Golden City Shopping Center

Commercial center with 370,000 m² substructure gross area including commercial, cultural, sports, and leisure spaces with a central plaza has been built in the center of Qeshm Island which links east areas of residential context to the west shaft of commercial – office areas.

Zigourat Hotel

The first 5stars hotel in Qeshm Island has been designed in 25 stories and more than 110 m height. Each of floors turns around its axis and this appears a frolic and statuesque tower that introduce itself as a symbol of Qeshm Island.

Golden City Sport Complex

The space have been formed by slipping together in a limited area. in order to control light penetration and adaptation with the climate, building has covered with two external shields.

Golden City Offices

Office tower has been designed in cylindrical shape to give a panoramic view to the sea for most of office units.

Central Residential Complex of Golden City

Using the contrast and conflict between full and empty spaces is the designing strategy to achieve lightness and diversity in the volume.
Corridors and passages are arranged in order to have the most air circulation.

North Residential Complex of Golden City

Residential blocks have been placed in north to south direction due to small width of site as well as providing the best view of the sea. In order to avoid of overlooking and overshadow between blocks, they are moved to east and west direction in alternate blocks.

Golden City Education Complex

Educational spaces have been shaped around a central yard also the amphitheater moved to the upside which these features not only meet the climatic factors but also provide the best air circulation and view to the vicinity grasslands.