Golden City Office Tower


This 15-storey tower with 70 units of modern office spaces and services required, including the lobby, leisure, conference suite, control room, restaurants and coffee shops is designed on north of the Golden City.

In order to coordinate with neighbor residential towers form, the plan of complex was designed from hexagonal to circle form. Blank form cylindrical covered with transparent glass panels and modular GRC has been reached to the final form that Space behind the staircase in the outer wall of the tower, is planned to put the equipment installation. Covering this space is such that to hide-out equipment and is provided that supply airflow and air circulation.
Interior design of office unites such that the central space of the tower dedicated to service and facilities zone to be provided the maximum use of the height of the floor in office spaces.
Bearing wall systems with no evidence of structural beams for the ceiling have been used in addition to separate units by shear walls, have optimal floor height and consequently reduce the overall height of the tower.


Location: Qeshm Island
Site Area:

2000 m²

Project Area:

15,000 m²




Nili Abi Mass building

Project Status: