Golden City Boys’ School


Educational Complex for Boys, along with commercial units requested by the client, creates a dense collection that in addition of companionship for different functions has an integration volume. The project land from three sides of the north, west and south confined to the streets and the east side is limited to adjacent residential site. Using topographic condition regarding access to the site, requires of separate entrances (parking and commercial entrance – elementary and high school entrance) at different levels have been resolved. Due to the hot and humid climate and the need for outdoor spaces, in this complex is shaped a central courtyard and the building encircles it like a ring. The auditorium stairs moves this ring to upward and it provide a view from the central cozy courtyard below the hall to outside.


Location: Qeshm Island
Site Area:

5,000 m²

Project Area:

5,000 m²




Nili Abi Mass building

Project Status:

Design Accomplished