Golden City, Linear Commercial buildings


This complex have been designed and constructed in a part of north site the golden city land and along the adjacent street as liner form. The formation of complex has been achieved from the 6-meter elevation difference between north site of golden city and adjacent street in length 330 and in depth of 10 meter. Due to the importance of establishment the pedestrian access from residential towers to adjacent street, project site has been designed as individual blocks with a length of 50 meters and in partition of blocks is allocated pedestrian access route through wide stairs (with the role of public gathering space). The roof of commercial blocks because of aligning with the residential floor has been designed as green space. Elevation designing is in a way that by using dynamic and flowing lines creates a sense of movement along the commercial complex.


Location: Qeshm Island
Site Area:

11,000 m²

Project Area:

10,000 m²




Nili Abi Mass building

Project Status:

Under Construction