Golden City Shopping center


Commercial center with 370,000 m² substructure gross area including commercial, cultural, sports, and leisure spaces with a central plaza has been built in the center of Qeshm Island which links east areas of residential context to the west shaft of commercial – office areas.
Design idea comes from the sea standing waves and their soft and light movement along the beach. On the other hand, using of modular networks and their targeted transportation which have been affected from urban arterial routs leading to the site, divide the project into four parts that create structural form.
At the intersection of the mentioned axes, has been formed central plaza as a gathering place and public activities. Due to the hot and humid climate of the region, building blocks shading has created a favorable environment in the Plaza.
The main entrances of the building blocks have been defined by the wrinkles height difference as well as their retreat. Moving the folded pieces in façade creates perspective and alternating full and empty spaces that in order to break the long length project and make it more attractive and have been considered along the connection axes adjacent the complex. Glass block at the junction of building blocks, make blocks of vertical and horizontal connection and continuous visual links of two parts of the complex.


Location: Qeshm Island
Site Area:

10 hectares

Project Area:

350,000 m²




Nili Abi Mass building

Project Status: