Golden City Shopping center 2nd Alternative


The design basis in this alternative is using of systems, networks and different site forces. As originally on the site, geometric network is based on the geographical cardinal directions and the arterial routes leading to the site which we have entered as a result the interaction of forces and geometric networks, the collection is divided into four separate parts.
Between the building masses has been organized public outdoor that connected north of the complex to the south and east of it to the west. The 8-meter level difference between east and west of the site has been used to design an outdoor amphitheater.
Furthermore in the design of buildings with sliding surfaces on each other create the balconies that are generally covered and are suitable place for dedicating to service spaces such as restaurants and bars that have perfect views to the sea and to the Plaza.
Intermediate lobbies created by the distance between commercial unites and bodies that always have the view of sea and plaza.
The outer shell of the building, in order to adjustment sunshine and adapt to climate was designed as a two-shelled that outer shell is transparent grid on the wall.
Based on the existing functions, the building form has variable sky line by creating height difference to prevent the uniformity.


Location: Qeshm Island
Site Area:

10 hectares

Project Area:

350,000 m²




Nili Abi Mass building

Project Status: