Kurdistan Administrative Building of Medical Science University


According to Kurdistan University’s policy of integrating its administrative headquarters building in a new building in the new land of this complex, the design competition calling was announced by the agency.
According to the organizers demand, design the building for current employees also considering future development and service needs, consulting engineers Paykadeh presented two alternatives due to climatic factors and project site conditions.
A common way of organizing space in multi-functional complexes is placing all the spaces inside a single volume but in this project, in order to use each part separately and independent service to users in different sectors; we divided functions into four major categories (office, conference hall, library and self-service). Each of the functions has been defined as an independent identity without interference in each other’s performance meanwhile generally still acts as a whole.
The proposed design has been ranked fourth.


Location: Sanandaj
Site Area:


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Kordestan Medical Science University

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