Land Preparation 150 Hectares of Bandar Abbas


This project is located at the north side of “Bandar Abbas” city, at the south area of “KHalij-e-Fars” High way. The lands area is about 150 hectares. The project had 2 priorities: Organizing informal settlement and recovering the lands which remains by reduce territory surrounding highway. The next priorities were organizing and appropriating the Access/Accessibility networks, getting urban services which coordinate with hierarchy of urban center, sustainable habitat, improvement habitat quality and public spaces vitality.
Land use provision prepared with attention to different points such as fallowing the natural slope and topography of land, predicting and regulating the territory of Highway, regulating the territory of power lines (electricity cables of 63 KW), supplying urban land use and services, optimal land use for residential units, creating and Strengthen local centers, The openness of the places at neighborhoods, replacing new Residential units with informal settlement and at last, preserving and confirming current situation of the local Electricity PowerStation.


Location: Bandar Abbas
Site Area:

150 hectares




Hormozgan Road and Urban Development Office