Land Preparation phase7 of Hashtgerd New Town


This project is located at 7th phase of hashtgerd new town. Main challenge was the special land shapes, Continuous rise and fall topography at NS direction that caused by the surface waters flowing. This challenge makes a problem to construction every EW streets. On the other hand, this area was selected for social housing, (maskan-e-mehr), land transferring to poor people appeared as a big problem in design process, at the same time to preparing Land provision. Urban design department and civil team, designed the first level of project by simulate teamwork. The project had the possibility to construction/implementation at the same level.
After the ending of studies and providing the “connection network plan” and Land provision, consultant began the process of design of surface water network. The team also prepared infrastructure plan that contains water distribution network, sewage treatment and collection system. Final project delivered to hashtgerd new town organization.


Location: Alborz-Hashtgerd New Town
Site Area:

590 hectares




Hashtgerd New Town Development Company