Master Plan Revision of Pardis


The area of the Pardis new town is about 3500 hectares. It is located at east, 25 kilometers far from Tehran, relied on the southern slopes of Alborz.
The main goal of shaping new town is to supply necessary facilities for habitant a range of Tehran immigrants. A major function of this town is residential, Research and Educational uses, large scale facilities (related to Tehran), middle scale facilities (related to roodehen-boomehen and surrounding villages). Urban scale services, natural green space, limits and other land uses include industrial, agricultural, residential and protected places.
One of the main goals of new detailed plan is to create connection between these functions. Although, the Prediction of Land use and facilities, constructing infrastructure facilities and considering to earth feature and forms, are important points of detailed plan process.


Location: Pardis New Town-Alborz
Site Area:

3700 hectares


2006 -2009


Pardis New Town Development Co