Master & Detail Master Plan of Taherabad Garden City


“Taher abad” has high potential to be green town with designing as a country village. This condition is related to suitable weather and nearby to Tehran and boomehen southern ring road. There is enough capacity to accept of a wide range of short time or middle time visitors, by having green floor, and various tourism and residential facilities. taher abad is a good place for various activities and high level events, because of having enough research-educational, technologic and entertainments facilities.
Leisure approach of taher abad, is related to the goals of green towns strategic-structural plan. Educational approach of project is connected to policies of facilities Expansion on pardis-roodehen urban districts plan that focuses on education and Promotion of new agriculture methods. Research-Technological approach is in interactivity with pardis detailed plan and joined to technologic park and satellite. Tourism approach of project is a respond to master plan of Tehran regional area and the plan of pardis-roodehen urban district.


Location: Tehran-Boomehen
Site Area:

400 hectares




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