Morvarid commercial and administrative complex


Morvarid commercial office complex with an area of 20,000 m² contain two underground floors, ground floor and two floors in commercial and the 8-storey office part, is designed at the old location of municipal building in center of the city of Fasa.
The shape and dimensions of the land, 100% area, Client wanted to use the maximum building density and ultimately how to create access from the adjacent passages, is resulting in the formation of the basic form of the complex.
Shifting the consoles of first and second commercial stories has shaped the final form of commercial floors; Offices floors also with independent access and lobby on commercial floors with little movement in South façade of building reveal its functional difference. Transparent entries play the inviting role to the complex and the placement of the void in this part make inside more connected to outside also doubled the depth vision to the complex.


Location: Fassa-Fars
Site Area:

5000 m²

Project Area:

20,000 m²




Pars Rahab Shibkooh Co

Project Status:

Under Construction