Sayyad-e-Shirazi highway Development and Improvement Plan


Study project of “Sayyad-e-shirazi highway” done by urban design approach by the goals such as: preserve and maintenance of habitant values, equal and integrated development at both sides (east and west) of highway, provide a safely, vitality environment with good townscape.
With notice to the detailed plan, the team tried to reduce highway’s problems and to improve the quality of life for surrounding fabrics habitants (Especially in providing accessibility and facilities). Although the team had some design suggestions adapted to the situation for rehabilitation of Defensible space that remained after Highway construction. By increasing the social presence, design suggestions led to improvement space using. Studies output included urban design framework, design guidelines and 3D master plan.


Location: Tehran
Market: Urban Design
Site Area:

34 hectares


2010 -2013


Urban Planning and Architecture Department of Tehran Municipality