Zrandiyeh International Multipurpose Complex


Zarandieh multipurpose complex (Iranian Land) is located in zarandiye, Markazi State. Its land area is about 1400 hectares.
The project predicted for a various range of recreational uses and facilities, tourism and residential uses. Recreational-tourism use is located in south side that is 25% of whole. Although, some suitable recreational-sports facilities are located at north side, like golf course at center and Polo ground at east of it and there are residential facilities like villas, apartments and hotels established beside them.
The project achieved to unique implemental/constructive composition by mixing work spaces with short residence uses and locating Leisure lakes at east, golf course at center and sport, institutional and educational complexes.
Zarandieh multipurpose complex (Iranian Land) has enough Capability to get 60000 people for short residence by entertainments, tourism, sport facilities and necessary infrastructures. It can get 38000 visitors per day. Zarandiye complex can play important role to achieve sustainable development, in state and neighborhood states.


Location: Markazi-Iranian territory
Market: Urban Design
Site Area:

1400 hectares




Development of Iranian territory Corporate(TSI)